Is now the perfect time to acquire Bordeaux 2010 ahead of imminent Critics’ rescores?

Is now the perfect time to buy Bordeaux 2010? Just a week or two ahead of the expected publication of the top international wine critics’ ten-year on rescore of the uber-prime Bordeaux 2010 vintage, current prices should offer value especially if, as expected, the scores stimulate the market.

Jane Anson has been the first noted commentator to publish her view on Bordeaux 2010 in 2020, in her Decanter column, where she states: “It is so blindingly obvious that they [2010s] are well made and will age that it would be ridiculous not to recommend getting hold of them.”  The Bordeaux specialist awarded five 100 points in her rescore of the vintage.

Bordeaux 2010 is renowned generally for its ageing ability – the wines still have ‘plenty of life left in-bottle’ but Anson noted that some are now becoming approachable and this is naturally a point in time when the wines will start to be bought by the end consumer and supply will start to reduce – a likely trigger point for price movement.

Liv-ex reported that the 2010 vintage  was the third most demanded Bordeaux vintage in 2019, behind 2009 and 2016. Chateau Haut Brion 2010 also had the second highest market share of trade of individual wines on Liv-ex last week (14 – 20 February 2020). The timing of this is very interesting, given the expected imminent publication of the top critics’ ten year on scores.

Chateau Haut Brion 2010 currently looks to offer strong value, it is trading to merchant members on Liv-ex at £6,200 (12 x 75cl), a significant discount below its release price of £7,596 in 2011. Neal Martin awarded the wine 96 points at its en primeur tasting in 2011 and then revised this to 100 points in 2014 in his Vinous publication. Parker scored it 98 points when bottled in 2013 and Suckling 97. It will be very interesting to see where the official ten year rescore quality evaluations pitch this wine. The calibre of this wine with its ageing potential and current price would certainly suggest Haut Brion 2010 should be on a fine wine investment target list, along with a number of others.

It’s a fact that release prices for the 2010s were over-inflated at the time due to general market conditions, but that was not universally the case and there is value to be had. Le Pin 2010 released at £18,000 and in 2016 its price rose to £34,000 (12 x 75cl) where it continues to trade today. Top Bordeaux prices have been suppressed for a number of years, partly due to a broadening market into Burgundy and other regions. But that does not take away the quality of these wines, the strength of their brands, the finite supply and, in this particular vintage, the extraordinary ageing capacity. Bordeaux 2010 is an outstanding vintage as noted by the critics when first scored at en primeur in 2011 and in-bottle in 2013.

Current prices for Bordeaux First Growth and top Right Bank 2010s would suggest that this could be the perfect time to be acquiring the best wines of this vintage – ahead of the pending rescores being published in early March 2020. Their second wines have seen prices exceed expectations since release, this would suggest latent value in the Grand Vins.

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