Krug 2002

A few days ago Vin-X were lucky enough to be invited to taste the latest release from Krug; the 2002, alongside the Chef De Cave and Olivier Krug, the 6th generation of the family to watch over their wine.

Oddly the 2002 is coming to market AFTER the 2003, this is not entirely unprecedented but it is unusual, the same happened with both the 1989 and 1990 being released before the 1988.  The 2002 is hotly anticipated as its thought to be one of the best years in champagne in recent times.  We were fortunate enough to taste two different Grand Cuvees (with the new Krug ID and app you can tell exactly what wines went into your Grand Cuvee Krug at the touch of a button) alongside the Krug 2002 and the vintage its will replace, the 2003.

This tasting brought home something that Krug are always keen to emphasise whenever they hold tasting events, namely that “there is no hierarchy with Krug.”  This may seem strange when you consider that their range spans an order of magnitude from the £100 Grand Cuvee to the £1200 Clos d’Ambonnay but they insist upon it as a philosophy for their wine and can point to the diaries of their founder as the origin of this idea.

As ever the Vin-X tasting team were hugely impressed with the vintage Krug.  Arguably the 2003 is more complex with the 2002 a little more subtle and refined.  Whichever you are fortunate enough to drink you will not be disappointed, but we would suggest that if you’re buying vintage Krug to drink, spring for some Grand Cuvee too, put it in the cellar for a few years and prepare to be surprised!