Wine investment consistently outperforms FTSE and on average delivers annual double digit returns.


  • Wine outperforms FTSE, S&P, ISAs and other commodities
  • Currency hedge - wine is a truly global offering 
  • Tax efficient - Download our Free Tax Guide to find out more 
  • Fine wine prices uncorrelated with other assets, eg equities 
  • Wine offers investment diversification




Find out why British Lions Rugby legend Austin Healey Invests in Fine Wine -
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Fine Wine Investment with Vin-X?

Vin-X operates market-leading practices designed to protect the investor and their investment.

  • Vin-X is a member of the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex), the leading exchange and value indicator for fine wine investment
  • Dedicated personnel who specialise in fine wine investment
  • Market information to maximise investment potential
  • Client wines stored at fully insured industry-leading facility
  • Independent audit to verify client wine by Chartered Accountants Knill James
  • Vin-X is a member of the Wine Investment Association (WIA)


FREE Wine Investment Guide, Tax Report & Watch Austin Healey Video NOW!

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"Investors in fine wine see 10% annualised returns over the past 5 years compared to FTSE's 0.03%."
Emma Wall, The Telegraph
1st March 2012.

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