Liv-ex Power 100: value brands of 2014

Last month Liv-ex released their 2014 Power 100, a list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market (see our blog of the 21st November). This article can be read in this month’s edition of the Drinks Business starting on page 28 if you click the following link

This month Liv-ex have identified those fine wine brands that offer the greatest value with an average price of under £2,000 per case. This naturally excludes the so-called Big Nine of Bordeaux that we at Vin-X concentrate on because of their secondary market appeal but promotes some new faces to the top of the pile. The diversity and breadth of the fine wine market is highlighted by the fact that nine different wine regions are represented in the top 20 which is the largest range in the nine years that the list has been published. Wines from the Rhone performed particularly well representing four out of the top ten whilst Bordeaux accounted for nine out of the top 20. The Rhone in particular boosted high scores and competitive prices.

Finally they separated out 41 Bordeaux chateaux with an average score of 90 or more with the winner being the leaping hare of Smith-Haut-Laffite (see picture above) due to its strong all-round performance and in particular its 2009, vintage which was the first ever to be awarded 100 points by Robert Parker. However the performance of Pavie (top of the Power 100) in third place is impressive because despite its price it has strong performance and a high average score. This is a chateaux that we have recommended to clients and that continues to improve. Please click on link for full article.