Michel Chapoutier elected president of the Rhone Valley

According to the wine critic, Oz Clarke, Michel Chapoutier is one of the greatest winemakers in France. What is also now beyond doubt is that he is probably the most important man in the Rhone Valley as last week he was elected president of the eponymous Appellation Controlee. Chapoutier is a pioneer and has worked long and hard in the family business alongside his brother, Marius,and was one of the first winemakers to adopt and embrace biodynamic viticulture. 

He has already flagged up his interest in encouraging the younger generation to get involved in winemaking and his other priorities are believed to be the sharing of market information and a desire to introduce Premier and Grand Cru designations to the best vineyard sites. He is certainly making some of the best wine in the region and after Guigal we consider his top wines from Hermitage to be amongst the most valuable and worthy of investment in the Rhone. For more information click on article.