Movers and Shakers

Steve McConnell Vin-X BloggerAs Liv-Ex releases its Power 100 Index for 2013, Bordeaux shows up other regions despite PR hype.

Liv-ex Power 100Liv-Ex has just released the 2013 Power 100, a yearly list of the most powerful brands in the market. What’s interesting about 2013 is that for the first time since the list has been compiled, the top spot was occupied not by a Bordeaux First Growth or Burgundy’s DRC. Instead, top spot in the rankings fell to Bordeaux Right Bank Château Pavie, followed closely by Château Angélus.

The story with Pavie and Angelus (up from 3rdand 23rd  last year respectively) is an easy one to understand; with both châteaux upgraded from Premier Cru Classe B to Classe A about 12 months ago. As always with such an upgrade, both wines have seen a rise in price not only for the more recent vintages but for the brand as a whole. The continued success of these brands is also good news for Vin-X clients, many of whom have these two wines in their portfolio.

Another interesting fact about the most recent list is the predominance of Bordeaux in the rankings. As I discussed in a previous blog, much of the publicity and ‘hype’ in the market at the moment is currently focussed around areas traditionally viewed as peripheral to Bordeaux: Burgundy and Tuscany, for example, have had a lot of attention recently. However, every single wine in the top 10 of the Power 100 is from Bordeaux, with the exception of the Australian Penfolds Grange, with Burgundy’s DRC falling to a distant 15th, down from the lofty heights of first place last year. With all 5 First Growths taking their places within the top 20 of the index, this list may suggest that Bordeaux remains the dominant force in the market not only in terms of market share, but brand recognition and value.