NO Vote may prompt Yes Please for fine wine tonight

As a union we remain intact, our cultural heritage and constitution unchanged and the Union Jack will continue to fly high over Buckingham Palace! The Government Cellars at Lancaster House may well be dispatching something special to No. 10 this evening from the Foreign-Office administered collection of over £3M wine including some of the most sought after in the world.

The collection’s super-stars such as Chateau Margaux 1961 may be reserved for visiting Heads of State and vintage Pol Roger for royal weddings but landmark moments such as these will warrant the opening of a special bottle.

Known to enjoy a glass of Single Malt, the PM may well mark the moment with Scotland’s own liquid asset. Recognized as a world leader in whisky production a total of £4.26bn was exported last year equating to 85% of Scotland’s food and drink export value, employing 35,000 people. Whether whisky or wine there will be a few bottles poured both north and south of the border tonight.