Non-First Growths show value in 2009

2009 is reckoned by the pre-eminent wine critic of our time, Robert Parker, to be “…the greatest Bordeaux vintage I have ever tasted” and he has tasted a few going back to the 1970’s ! He scored no fewer than 19 wines with the perfect 100 point score and anointed 20 chateaux as part of his Magical 20, ones to watch with great investment potential. Why then is there such a disparity in prices between the First Growths and the 100 point wines/Magical 20 ? Liv-ex have done some astute analysis.

It would seem that the record number of 100 point wines has deflected attention away from the First Growths, the default setting for top quality Bordeaux in “normal” vintages. Buyers can obtain more value in terms of quality for considerably less money and they have voted with their feet. There are definitely bargains to be had and we are sure the First Growths will fight back soon. Not only do they have their reputation to maintain, their resources are tremendous and they have shown sustained consistency over a long period. But the young pretenders have definitely arrived, only time will tell if they can sustain their challenge. See link for full article.