Parker advises long-term approach to fine wine investment

During his recent stay in London Robert Parker, still the world’s pre-eminent wine critic, was interviewed by Victoria Moore of the Daily Telegraph. In a wide-ranging interview he looked back on his career, gave a small glimpse in to his private life and speculated on the future of the fine wine market. With regard to fine wine investment which he has not actively encouraged but which has followed his lead, particularly in his scoring, he was particularly pertinent on en primeur and pricing.

He hoped that the Bordelais would be more modest in their pricing now that a new Wine Advocate critic, Neal Martin, is taking over his mantel and he also believes that the en primeur system could self-destruct. But he pointed out that market conditions currently could conspire to help Bordeaux. The dollar is particularly strong at the moment, the euro is weak and the Eurozone itself looks like it could hit a deflationary spiral which will all make the cost of wine look very attractive to outsiders. And that if you want to make money out of speculation that is fine but you need to hold your wine for at least 10 years.