Parker confirms Liv-ex call on Montrose

Hindsight is always a great leveller when considering the past but in 2013 Liv-ex wrote a blog “What’s in a point” highlighting the difference in price between the 2009 and 2010 Montrose and suggesting that the gap was very large considering the small difference in quality. Furthermore Robert Parker gave a massive clue in his tasting note of February 2013 when the wine was bottled when he said “…I was leaning toward giving it a three-digit-score, which it may ultimately merit…” So it should come as no surprise to investors that following a recent Montrose vertical tasting Parker did indeed upgrade the wine by a point and consequently it has shot up again in price. Fortunately at Vin-X we did indeed read between the lines and a substantial amount of our investors have benefitted as a result. For more information please click on the following articles.