Penfolds Grange star continues to burn bright

A reliable measure of any great fine wine is its consistency and in this respect Penfolds Grange would seem to be hitting its peak. Last year it was placed in the Liv-ex Power 100 Top Ten brands with the highest average Parker score and it looks like it will surpass that soon. The 2008 vintage was very challenging but due to the skill of the winemaker became the first since 1976 to be awarded the perfect 100 points not only by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate but also by the Wine Spectator. Peter Gago, the head winemaker at Penfolds said “…in terms of ratings in the world of wine it really doesn’t come any better than such a score (100) in the Wine Advocate. It’s a bit like an Academy Award or a BAFTA.” This double accolade has only been bestowed before upon a particular wine 11 times in history so is a spectacular achievement and goes some way to explaining why Grange is the most iconic wine in Australia. 

However great wines are sometime like buses, you wait ages and then two arrive at the same time. Penfolds have just released the 2010 vintage and by all accounts it is as good as the 2008. The 2010 marks the 60th vintage release of Grange and what better way to mark its diamond anniversary. Grange still remains a true jewel of southern hemisphere winemaking and the only true investment grade Australian wine.