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Press coverage of fine wine investment now regularly features in mainstream newspapers such as the Telegraph and Financial Times, in wine trade magazines including Drinks Business, Decanter, and Harpers and in financial publications including Shares Magazine and Investors Chronicle. Members of our team have been interviewed by international and UK media to explain the dynamics of the fine wine market and the treatment of fine wine as an alternative asset for investment purposes.

Media interviews on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News and others along with footage of England International Rugby star, Austen Healey, discussing his interest in fine wine, can be seen below.

Peter Shakeshaft on fine wine investment


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The top 10 investment wines that returned 150pc in five years

The Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/investing/news/top-10-investment-wines-returned-150pc-five-years/

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Classic Car Special Report


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FT’s Money Management Financial Planner Awards 2017

Vin-X has sponsored the category ‘Alternative Assets Planner of the Year’ – for your chance to enter please visit:


Financial Planner Awards 2017

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Strengthen financial planning with fine wine

FT Adviser Logo Austin Healey – Vin-X Non-Executive Director launches the Company’s fine wine investment platform for wealth managers and professionals with a network of clients providing a comprehensive fine wine investment solution for their customers. Read  the details in the FT Adviser article here:


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Bordeaux 2015 Hype Backed By Negociant


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Wine Investment Outpaces Stocks And Shares


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Classic Cars And Fine Wines Leave Warren Buffett Trailing

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Broker Says Fine Wine Investment Could Be A Haven Of Stability In Ftse Bear Market


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Can Fine Wine Returns Continue To Outpace Major Indices Over The Long Term?


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