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Press coverage of fine wine investment now regularly features in mainstream newspapers such as the Telegraph and Financial Times, in wine trade magazines including Drinks Business, Decanter, and Harpers and in financial publications including Shares Magazine and Investors Chronicle. Members of our team have been interviewed by international and UK media to explain the dynamics of the fine wine market and the treatment of fine wine as an alternative asset for investment purposes.

Media interviews on Bloomberg, CNBC, Fox News and others along with footage of England International Rugby star, Austen Healey, discussing his interest in fine wine, can be seen below.

Liquid Assets – Wine Tops Luxury Investments

“We delve into the results of Knight Frank’s most glamorous index to find classic cars back down on the grid, as fine wine moves up through the gears.”

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En Primeur: Asia Market ‘has Matured’

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En Primeur – A Mixed Bag And A Missed Opportunity, Experts Say


This year’s en primeur campaign has been a mixed bag that failed to capitalise on the chance to reset the market, according to fine wine investment experts.

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En Primeur: Great Quality, But Don’t Hold Your Breath On Price


Vin-X Bordeaux Director, Renaud Ruer, was interviewed by Harpers Magazine during the En Primeurs 2014 campaign. Renaud explains the dichotomy the Bordeaux fraternity now faces with owners looking to price the vintage for quality but the market calling for a price cut to re-engage buyers. For full details click on full article below:,3APMY,B2BE6E,BSV2L,1

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En Primeur Risks “Exodus” Unless It Rebalances, Vin-x Boss Warns


A fine wine investment expert has warned that the en primeur system risks seeing an exodus of châteaux from the system and negociants going to the wall, unless it gets its pricing “right”.

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What Impact A Weaker Euro Will Have On The Fine Wine Investment Market?


Markets are adjusting to the commencement of a large programme of quantitive easing from the European Central Bank announced on January 22 January, and assimilating the impact of a sweeping left wing victory in Greek elections and the potential for the long discussed “Grexit” from the euro.

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What’s Safer – Own Or Managed Fine Wine Account?


In the Huffington Post this month, Peter Shakeshaft gives his view on fine wine storage. He explains the advantages of each, with reference to the recent spate of liquidations within the fine wine investment industry.

Additionally, the article covers the WIA’s role in ensuring wine is stored correctly.

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The Beauty Of Fine Wine In Your Glass And Bank Account


Peter Shakeshaft writes an article in the Huffington Post analysing recent statements by Liv-Ex Director, James Miles.

He also reflects on what this means for wine investment now, and in the long term.

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Business Radio – Interview

American Business Radio Network,  “Market Wrap” with Moe Ansari in discussion with Peter Shakeshaft discussing fine wine investment.

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Forget Shares: The Money Is In Fine Wine

Everybody should have a case of fine wine in their investment portfolio.  It’s now recognised as a brilliant asset to have because it offers good medium to long-term gains.  Financial products such as ISA’s, shares and bonds deliver modest returns at best.  If you want to make profit, you should look at investing in fine wine.  Vin-X can help you do this…

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