Rich List Drinks Chart

It’s that time of year again when everyone else is intrigued to note the risers and fallers in the wealth charts of the UK’s residents. A recent article analysed the Top 10 richest people in the drinks trade and we found 4 entries that had a distinctive wine connection.

2 of these entries had made their fortune by setting up their wine businesses from scratch. Tony Laithwaite (£160 million) set up Bordeaux Direct in 1969 which became Laithwaites Wines and is now a subsidiary of Direct Wines, the world’s leading independent wine merchant. It is a mail order business and includes the Sunday Times Wine Club and the Wall Street Journal amongst its trading identities. John Apthorp (£120 million) co-founded Majestic, now the largest multiple wine retailer in the UK, and new owner of Naked Wines.

On the other hand our other 2 entries made their fortunes outside of the wine trade but have subsequently made major investments in various Bordeaux chateaux. Silvio Denz’s original fortune (£210 million) was built upon perfume but he now smells different aromas as he has a portfolio of 6 chateaux in Bordeaux plus one estate in Spain. The most notable is Chateau Lafaurie Peyraguey classified as a First Growth in Sauternes. Meanwhile the Perrodo family fortune (£5.8 billion) was derived from oil and whilst they may not have such a large portfolio they possess 2 chateaux in the Margaux appellation, Marquis d’Alesme, which was classified as 3rd Growth in the 1855 Classification and Labegorce, which is one of only 9 Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnels.   Please click on article for more information