Roald Dahl – celebrated author, war hero, spy and wine investor!

Roald DahlOne of our favourite literary giants (creator of the BFG, Willy Wonka and Charlie of Chocolate Factory Fame, amongst many other unique and unforgettable characters), was an extraordinary man of many talents who was also an avid collector of fine wine.

Roald Dahl would have celebrated his 100th birthday this week and should he be with us today would no doubt have toasted the occasion with the pick of an enviable cellar including 1,000 cases of some of the finest wines from the legendary 1982 Bordeaux vintage.

A great appreciator and collector of the wines of the region Dahl is quoted; “There is a mystique about good claret, a kind of magic aura that no other wine in the world possesses” – a sentiment much appreciated by Bordeaux wine makers!

Fine wine did in fact feature in Dahl’s literary works, Gum Chewing Champion, Violet Beauregarde, featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was seemingly named after the Pomerol estate. His artistic collaborator, Sir Quentin Blake, has also designed wine labels for Domaine de la Mortaine Muscadet.

Throughout his life, Dahl invested heavily in fine wine and one of his granddaughters has revealed that he was buried with a few treasured items to be enjoyed in the after life, including some great Burgundies, so perhaps that will be his choice of tipple on his 100th birthday!

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