World’s foremost wine critic justifies his 100 point system

Wine, like art and music, is subjective. My wife likes sauvignon blanc whilst I prefer chardonnay. How then is it possible to rate a fine wine out of 100? In a recent interview Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic, who devised his 100 point rating system in the 1970’s describes himself as just a guidepost. At the end of the day our own palate is the best guide to enjoying a wine. But his numerical scale has helped to demystify wine and for that we must all be grateful.

However there were (and still are) sceptics who were unhappy that fundamental judgements were made about wine and that you could ascribe numbers to it. He has just published a new magazine called 100 Points inspired by his rating system and his views on Bordeaux are typically direct and honest. He states that Bordeaux makes the best wine in the world and like Vin-X feels that en primeur prices are still too high. As a result he was correct in predicting that the 2013 Bordeaux en primeur campaign would be a damp squib. He feels the younger generation have fallen out of love with Bordeaux but again thinks like us that it will bounce back soon “ always does-it has to, it’s just  too good.” See link for full article.