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Fine Wine Investment and Tax

Vin-X has commissioned independent tax specialist, Peter Owen of Gatwick Enterprise Tax Services Limited, to review any possible implications for tax with respect to fine wine investment. This special report looks at the following key areas:

Basic considerations for the tax treatment of fine wine
Capital Gains Tax
Income Tax
Inheritance Tax
Other tax reliefs

Fine wine enjoys favourable treatment from H.M. Revenue & Customs compared to other investments but we would remind you to always consult your financial or tax advisor. 


Key facts about investing in fine wine: 

  • Average annual 14% growth rate over the last 15 years

  • Fine wine prices are not directly correlated with more volatile financial markets

  • As a stable, tangible assets fine wine is a proven portfolio diversification tool

  • Wine has historically outperformed FTSE, S&P and Gold over the long term

  • Global demand for fine wine means it can be used to hedge currency movements

  • Potential tax advantages – profits made are normally Capital Gains Tax exempt

Fine Wine Investment Benefits

Wine Investment - exempt from capital gains tax

Fine wine investment is generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax (read more about wine investment & tax in our Free Guide & Tax Report)

Fine Wine Investment avg return 12-12%

Investment in fine wine has historically achieved annual compound reserves of up to 10%.

Fine Wine outperforms

Fine wine’s stable performance doesn't mirror volatile financial markets and offers a means to diversify investment portfolios across assets and economic cycles.

Wine Investor Security with Vin-X

Wine Investment Association

Vin-X is a founder member of the Wine Investment Association (WIA)

Protecting you & your investment

We operate market-leading practices designed to protect you and your investment

wine & investment specialist

A team of wine & investment specialists will assist you with your investment

wine storage

Our clients' wines are stored at a fully insured industry-leading facility

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