Super Tuscan Masseto investing in new winery



The Super Tuscans have enjoyed increasing take-up by investors as the market has broadened over the last five years. The wines of Masseto, Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Solaia and Tignanello may often achieve similar quality scores to those of the top Bordeaux chateaux, but without the brand profile of the 1855 classification and their Right Bank equivalents, the Italian wines are more affordable and offer the opportunity to diversify wine portfolios.

Masseto, owned by the Frescobaldi family, was first produced in 1987 in the same winery as sister Super Tuscan, Ornellaia, although the two brands are treated completely separately, each with a growing profile in the fine wine market.

The Masseto Director, Alex Belson has announced that works have commenced on creating a dedicated winery on the estate, which will be built underground beneath the plot of the original Masseto house, also being completely rebuilt during the project.

A further announcement in the development of the Masseto brand was the appointment of oenologist Eleonora Marconi to work with head winemaker Axel Heinz.

The significant investment in these developments points to the Frescobaldi family’s ongoing commitment to brand Masseto and the increasing value of the wines of this great Super Tuscan estate.

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