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Find out which are the top performing wine regions in 2021

Performance data at the end of April 2021 shows further increases on the record levels the Liv-ex 1000 reached in March 2021. The exchange’s broadest measure is up an additional 1.34% in the fourth month of 2021, taking it to nearly 10% growth over the last year. But which are the strongest performing regions? …

Best Wines for Investment in 2021

In a robust market, we look at which are the top wines for investment in 2021. Fine wine has delivered growth and ‘safe sanctuary’ during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Using the rationale that fine wine will provide a bed-rock of value to weather potential further storms in financial markets – which investment wines should you be considering in 2021?

Fine Wine investment performance and top wines for growth Q1 2021

Fine wine investments have continued growing at a pace in the first quarter of 2021. Liv-ex reports increasing volume and value traded on the exchange with March recording the broadest month of trade with transactions in 1,250 distinct wines. Of these 130 are newcomers to the secondary market. We look at the top performers in the last year…

Bordeaux En Primeurs 2020 – will you be investing?

The Bordeaux 2020 vintage en primeur tastings are just a month away – it’s time to be considering whether you will be adding the region’s new arrivals to your collection. The 2019 vintage was released to the market at discounts around 30% for some of the top wines, creating the most exciting en primeur campaign for investors in the last decade. Will 2020 offer similar opportunities?

Fine wine market continues to deliver strong returns to investors in Q1 2021

The fine wine market has had a robust start to 2021 with all of the Liv-ex Fine Wine indices in positive territory and the growth trends established in 2020 sustained in Q1 to date. We look at the latest performance data and top performing wines and regions for wine investors in Q1 2021…

Fine Wine Collecting compared to Investing

What is the difference between collecting fine wine compared to investing in it? Arguably it might be as simple as the heart making the decision to purchase rather than the head. Collection may be driven more by passion where investment be based on performance, trends, influencing factors and attitude to risk. Are you a ‘canny collector’ or ‘passionate investor’ ?