The Greatest Wine Ever Made

Steve McConnellVin-X turns the spotlight on Cheval Blanc 1947, and its potential spiritual successor, the 2010

Cheval Blanc 1947It’s not often that something is universally decided on as “the best.” There exists no consensus on the best piece of art, the best book, the best film or the best piece of music. There will always be disagreement and dissent about such things, and it is hard to imagine just how good a book, for example, would have to be for it to be considered as the best ever written.

One can only imagine, then, the supreme excellence and quality that a wine would have to have to be called “the best.” However, Cheval Blanc 1947 is often held up as exactly that: the best wine ever produced. Jancis Robinson said of it, “I honestly don’t expect ever to taste a wine better than this,” with Michael Broadbent calling it “unquestionably one of the greatest wines of all time.” The ’47 has also set and broken many records, including the most expensive bottle (yes, BOTTLE) of wine ever sold at auction, clocking in at $300,000.

It is not often that these sorts of wines come along, with the estate manager Pierre Lurton calling it an ‘accident of nature.’ However, the 2010 vintage is the first and only wine released by Cheval Blanc to achieve a perfect 100 point score since its illustrious ’47 vintage. It was one of only two wines from the 2010 vintage to receive a perfect score from Robert Parker, James Suckling AND James Marc Quarin, and received high scores across the board from all the major critics. Best of all for potential investors, the 2010 is currently available for under £5000 for a half case, a substantial discount from its peak trading price. If the 2010 achieves even a fraction of the acclaim that its glorious 1947 namesake has, then such a sum may soon sound like very small change indeed for those who have this wine in their portfolio.