The Spectator: “Fine wine investors the surprise Brexit winners”

A recent article in The Spectator observed that “Investors in fine wine have been the surprise winners of the Brexit fall out, with vintage wine the top investment class of 2016 so far.”

Brexit news is, of course, a constant theme right now and Vin-X Founder, Peter Shakeshaft has been interviewed by journalists this week seeking a view on the fine wine market’s bouyant performance this year and the impact of the UK’s referendum vote.

The growth trend continues and the market has risen over 20 per cent YTD with consistent positive growth each month. The response to the Brexit vote was an increased demand for the safe haven for capital fine wine offers in times of economic uncertainty. This demand was enhanced further by the currency dynamics offering significant value for overseas buyers in wines held in Sterling with UK owners reaping the benefits.



In light of this Vin-X’s market report on ‘Optimising Portfolio Performance by Vintage Diversification’ could be a valuable read for those seeking to enhance their investment portfolios with fine wine. 

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