Top critic energised by excellence of 2005 Bordeaux vintage

Jancis Robinson, MW, probably the UK’s most famous wine critic, has confirmed our recent comments on the vintage, namely that the 2005 Bordeaux vintage is finally living up to its initial promise after nearly a decade. She attended the same tasting described in our blog of the 2nd February but obviously has the added benefit of knowledge and experience of this particular vintage over the last 10 years. Nevertheless she felt energised by the power of the wines which in her own words brought her “joy” and led her to describe it as “Bordeaux’s best vintage of the century so far”. This is high praise indeed in view of the other “vintages of the century”, 2009 and 2010, that have also been eulogised for their perfection.

Specifically she cited the fact that the majority of the top wines are potentially still improving and reckoned that most of them would benefit from at least another 5 years in bottle. She made exceptions for Lafite and Cheval Blanc and reckoned that the top  Right Bank wines could be drunk a bit sooner. But what really emerges is the excellent consistent quality of all the wines and the fact that they have considerable, valuable bottle age. All this excellence naturally has consequences and this is is now manifesting itself in a shortage of desirable stock and increasing prices but classic Bordeaux vintages have been in short supply in recent years and we are confident that this is still one of the greatest investment vintages. Please click on article below for greater detail.