Top wine critic suggests time is right to invest in wine again

In his own blog this week James Suckling, one of the industry’s leading critics and wine writers asked the question “Is now the time to invest in wine?”. Like us, he marvels at the extraordinarily low prices of 100-point wines from outstanding Bordeaux vintages that are currently available.He observes the price movements, even in the last six months, in some superlative wines including First Growth classics, like Lafite 2010 and Margaux 2009, and asks could these and other iconic wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy be priced any lower than they are today?

Suckling quotes the head of Sothebys’ wine department and other industry sources who are also of the view that “Now is a prime time for investing in wine” and that investors need to be “keyed into trends and invest not for today, but for tomorrow.” The natural supply and demand dynamic of fine wine comes into play; “Each day, investment-quality wines are opened and become rarer and rarer. The opportunity to drink modern classics such as 1989 Chateau Haut-Brion or 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild – both 100 point wines – becomes ever more difficult and more expensive. Current vintages are inexpensive by comparison.”

And therein lies your opportunity, but remember for optimum returns wine should be considered a medium to long-term hold. To read Suckling’s blog click below and contact us now for the best current opportunities on 0203 384 2260 or e-mail us at