Trade tasting points to excellence of 2005 Bordeaux vintage

A colleague and myself were highly privileged to be invited to an exclusive trade tasting last week. This was no ordinary event because not only did we share the tasting room with some of this country’s most eminent wine critics and national journalists but we were in the presence of some of the most sought after wines in the world. The occasion was the ten year retrospective tasting of the 2005 Bordeaux vintage, widely acknowledged as one of the best vintages of the last 30 years; so this tasting was highly anticipated.  We left many jealous colleagues behind in the office as the invitation was limited to the lucky few, us.

We were not disappointed. This is a vintage which was made very much with the future in mind. Certain critics have hinted that the tannic nature of the wines in 2005 was not to their liking but it is only with hindsight that I can say they were wrong. This is a vintage that is built to last and it is only now that the tannins are fading that the excellence is shining through. The wines ranged from modest 5th Growths to the Premier Grand Cru Classe A giants of St Emilion and from Cru Bourgeois chateaux, through 2nd wines to the aristocratic First Growths and the mighty vineyards of Pomerol. In such a magnificent vintage it is always difficult to pick a favourite wine but having tasted the Big Nine (pictured) all together  for the first time you begin to understand what all the fuss is about and why these are the most sought after and investable wines in the world.