US buyers poised to return to 2014 Bordeaux En Primeur

According to merchants on both sides of the pond although there is a greater interest in this year’s 2014 Bordeaux en primeur tastings many US buyers continue to be guarded about price. Having stepped back from the last 3 campaigns it looks like this trend could be reversed according to the sales director of a well-known negociant who felt that after four years their cellars might need some replenishment. His feelings are confirmed by a US importer who has been absent since 2010 but who on the strength of the vintage is hoping that his customers will be ready to buy Bordeaux again. 

The stronger US dollar should help as it has appreciated by 20% in the last year against the euro and coupled with the market’s acknowledged reluctance to accept price rises this should encourage US buyers to return to the fold although this may be tempered by any continued strength which might delay purchases till a later date. Despite the better vintage most US merchants are expecting lower prices and see the 2008 vintage as a good point to begin discussions which is the general feeling amongst the wider wine trade. Finally the other big factor is the absence of the US critic Robert Parker which they are hoping will lead to lower scores and lower release prices. So as ever the Americans are poised on the sidelines waiting to rescue the Europeans. For more detail click on article below