What the Liv-ex blog really tells us

Whilst the latest Liv-ex blog is always eagerly awaited at Vin-X and in the wider wine trade sometimes it does not dig deep enough in its analysis ands remains frustratingly neutral. We have dug a little deeper and believe there are some interesting trends that need interpreting further.

Bordeaux’s share of the market is down 15% from its peak in 2011 yet it has suddenly slipped 4% in a single month. This may be down to the frankly lacklustre 2013 Bordeaux en primeur campaign which did not surprise Robert Parker in his recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. Or it may be that other regions have taken greater market share.

Burgundy is up 7% in the same month but this is skewed by a single wine which just demonstrates how narrow and small the region is so that one wine can have such a significant impact.

The presence of the original Super Tuscan in the Top 5 wines traded by volume demonstrates that investors are continuing to diversify their portfolios. On the other hand investors are still looking for bargains as demonstrated by 2011 Lafite which is the cheapest available vintage of the First Growth. Interestingly the Top 5 traded by volume are mainly from Bordeaux which simply demonstrates The region’s dominance of the secondary market.

Finally the fact that July is heading to be the 2nd largest trading month this year only demonstrates the promise ahead compared with the poor start to the year.