Why you should sip Cristal Champagne and not waste it!

Richard Boyle - Vin-X Wine Investment BloggerWhen most people think of Cristal Champagne they have an image of rappers or celebrities needlessly spraying champagne around to demonstrate that whilst they may be spectacularly wealthy they are also spectacularly stupid for Cristal Champagne has a heritage and history like few other champagnes.

It was specifically created for Tsar Alexander II of Russia in 1876. The clear glass bottle was at his request as he feared assassination and it was so that he could glimpse any assailant through the bottle or any bomb that might be hidden within. They subsequently became the official supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia.

I have to confess a nostalgic love for this wine because I was lucky enough to drink it with caviar in my early twenties courtesy of a high rolling relation of an ex-girlfriend! Obviously we are no longer together but it would be lovely to taste it again.

Don't spray it - invest in it!It is widely acknowledged within the wine trade that Louis Roederer make some of the most exquisite wines and are one of the last major champagne houses that are still family-owned. They own over 200 acres of the best quality vineyards in Champagne and together with Dom Perignon and Krug are one of the 3 icons of excellence as well as being one of the most well-known brands in the world. 

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