Will 100 point wines become even rarer in the Post Parker era?

Martin PruszynskiFollowing on from last week’s announcement by Robert Parker of his further withdrawal from large scale reviewing of Bordeaux wines, Vin-X published a list of all the Bordeaux wines currently holding 100 points from the master himself. (see below) We thought some refinement of this list would be a useful tool for our clients, and that some brief research on these wines might lead to some useful insights.

We have narrowed down the previous list to focus on wines under £5000 with 100 points from Parker, at this price point there are of course no first growths, but we have an interesting array of wines from the various communes of Bordeaux.

We’ve added in scores from a number of other significant reviewers, ranked the wines by the number of very high (98+) scores they have from OTHER reviewers and looked at the average scores for each wine and each reviewer.  This gives us some interesting insights:

  • James Suckling and Jeff Leve are closest across this selection at least to Parker’s scores
  • We already know that Neal Martin is less exuberant with his scores, with only 32 100 pointers in his catalogue of Bordeaux reviews and only 2 across the 2009-10 vintages (Parker has 32), but this shows how big the difference is.  Will his approach change now he has the conch? Will his more parsimonious approach hinder his ability to dominate the market in the way Parker has?
  • Across all the reviewers we looked at there were 13 100 point scores TOTAL, compared to 31 from Parker alone, are 100 point scores about to become rarer?

Whatever happens, we believe 100 point Parker wines are a good space in which to invest currently, and we will continue to investigate how the market adapts to a post Parker world.

Wine Table
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