With up to 518% growth achievable why wouldn’t you buy En Primeur?

In the spirit of their 15-year anniversary and with the 2014 En Primeur campaign still in play, we have looked at the progress of the First Growths’ 2000 vintage price movements since issue.  Despite a prolonged bear market their performance demonstrates the potential of En Primeur acquisitions and the value of wine as an investment asset.

The most recognized and iconic wines of Bordeaux: Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Margaux, Haut Brion and Latour are referred to as ‘blue chip’ Bordeaux stock and are an essential component to any wine portfolio.  For those investors that bought the 2000 vintage when released and have held onto those wines they are currently enjoying growth of up to 518%.

Growth of 2000 Vintage Bordeaux First Growths

All these figures combined shows us that on average if you invested in 2000 vintage first growth in their En Primeur stage, despite the market correction, you would realize a percentage increase on your investment of 385%, with minimum growth of 200% and a minimum annual growth rate of 8.2%

  Release Price Current price Percentage Growth Compound annual growth
Haut Brion £1,850 £5,550 200% 8.2%
Lafite Rothschild £1,850 £11,450 519% 13.9%
Latour £1,850 £8,233 345% 11.2%
Margaux £1,595 £7,239 354% 11.4%
Mouton Rothschild £2,200 £13,377 508% 13.8%

If you have not already acquired 2014 wines en primeur, without question the premier vintage since 2010, we have identified the best opportunities for investing in wines we believe have the potential to provide solid returns.  For more information contact us now on 0203 384 2262 or visit www.vin-x.com.

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