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When you compare fine wine investment with other assets its performance is outstanding, particularly over the long-term. We believe that all investors should have the opportunity to capitalise safely in the fine wine investment market and enjoy the benefits, and in 2010 Vin-X was formed exactly for that purpose.

With more than £20M of fine wine ‘under influence’, we are an authority on wine investment and a founding member of the Wine Investment Association (WIA). With expertise in financial markets and fine wine investment, our team has established a specialist service creating rewarding, bespoke portfolios for businesses and private individuals, resulting in wine portfolios exceeding market trend historically.

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Looking to join the wine bull run and which fine wine regions offer growth in 2022?

2021 was a rampaging bull of a year for wine investors with the secondary market experiencing record growth. The average price performance trend of the most traded investment wines was 23% and the high-flyers saw values increase by up to 80%. So where should wine investors look for the best returns in 2022?

Investors protect cash with fine wine growth as inflation hits 30-year high

Investors are seeking havens for savings as inflation recorded a 30-year high of 5.4% in the 12 months to December 2021. With forecasts suggesting the CPI benchmark could rise to 7% by April savings are at risk. Wine investments recorded average growth of 23% last year and offer investors a tax-efficient option to protect capital.

Reuters reports that wine investment outperforms Bitcoin as top performing assets in 2021

Reuters reported that the top performing investment wine delivered 80% growth in 2021, outperforming Bitcoin’s 70% and major tech shares. Investors are including fine wine and other tangible assets in their financial plans for 2022 to enjoy growth and to protect capital, tax efficiently.

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