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When you compare fine wine investment with other assets its performance is outstanding, particularly over the long-term. We believe that all investors should have the opportunity to capitalise safely in the fine wine investment market and enjoy the benefits, and in 2010 Vin-X was formed exactly for that purpose.

With more than £20M of fine wine ‘under influence’, we are an authority on wine investment and a founding member of the Wine Investment Association (WIA). With expertise in financial markets and fine wine investment, our team has established a specialist service creating rewarding, bespoke portfolios for businesses and private individuals, resulting in wine portfolios exceeding market trend historically.

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What should your wine investment plan be for rising inflation and interest rates?

What should wine investors be considering in light of the predictions that inflation could rise to hit 5% in Spring 2022 and that the Bank of England is more than likely to raise interest rates next month. Find out how you can hedge rising inflation and protect capital with fine wine.

Investment wine performance compared to gold in 2021

How is wine investment comparing with gold’s performance in 2021? The traditional ‘safe haven’ asset, the yellow metal is looking a little tarnished at the end of Q3 with a negative performance YTD compared to fine wine’s best year on record.

Investment wines shaping to deliver best performing year in 2021

Investment wines are experiencing a top performing year. Liv-ex’s September 2021 data shows us that fine wine prices are returning to the peak levels experienced in 2011 and that 2021 is shaping up to be the best performing year for investment wines.

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