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When you compare fine wine investment with other assets its performance is outstanding, particularly over the long term. We believe that all investors should have the opportunity to invest safely in fine wine and enjoy the benefits, Vin-X was formed in 2010 for exactly that purpose.

Our team has expertise in financial markets and fine wine and has established a specialist service creating rewarding fine wine portfolios for investors. Vin-X’s procurement strategy has resulted in our clients’ wine portfolios exceeding market trend historically.

Vin-X is a founder member of the Wine Investment Association (‘WIA’) and we abide by the Association’s Code of Practice which governs fulfilment, custodianship of clients’ wine and ethical marketing and sales techniques.

With more than £20M of fine wine ‘under influence’, we are an authority on wine investment and feature in trade and mainstream press and media. We have strong relationships within the fine wine market and regularly produce special reports and analysis for fine wine investors, along with a weekly Newsletter, and social media newsfeed.

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Information about the fine wine market and specific investment grade wine is essential for all fine wine investments to optimise portfolio performance. Our regular email newsletter provides a concise summary of market news and analysis of fine wine investment with links to:

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    Press & Media

    Keep informed with the latest press and media commentary on Fine Wine Investment

    Watch videos and read articles written by fine wine investment experts and interviews with investors in fine wine to get the latest news and opinions.

    Our team contributes to trade press and mainstream media and have featured on Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC Radio, Channel 4, The Telegraph, Financial Times, FT Adviser, Shares Magazine, Decanter and Huffington Post. Vin-X is a category sponsor and judge of the Money Management Financial Planner Awards 2017. For videos, interviews and press articles visit the PRESS & MEDIA page on this website.

    Important News

    “Fine wine investors will be raising their glasses as their returns for the year are set to outperform UK blue-chip shares and gold.” - Financial Times, 16th December 2017

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    “I decided some time ago that I had had enough of the ups and downs and general uncertainties of the Stock Market and such similar resting places for my limited capital. Instead I invested it in fine wines with Vin-X. The excellent results have more than justified that choice, as has the high level of knowledge of the fine wine market and the shrewd purchasing advice that I have received from my portfolio manager. I could not be better pleased.” - Nick Galtress
    “I have just taken some profit from my wine investment. Vin-X recommendations, service, documentation is of a first class order. I would not hesitate in endorsing them to any potential wine Investor, new to the market or experienced.”
    - Stephen Hepburn
    “It is self-evident that investing in “passion investments”, like classic cars and fine wine, is a no-brainer. If you have a genuine interest, where you can gain a lot of enjoyment and investment acumen, why wouldn’t you put your money into it?” - Rod Spollon, Managing Director, Greyfort Group
    “I have enjoyed my seven years investing in fine wine with Vin-X so far, whether purchased in bottle or en primeur, and the anticipation to see if the price growth is worth more than originally anticipated. The Vin-X team is very efficient and, headed by my Portfolio Manager Jamie, has consistently come up with good results for me. Well done keep up the good work.” - Ian Harris

    Latest fine wine market news and information

    Chateau Pavie 2018 – our top en primeur wine at 5% discount to the market

    Chateau Pavie: Our top pick of the 2018 En Primeurs. Vin-X Offer 5% below market price LIMITED ALLOCATION: CONTACT US NOW TO RESERVE YOURS ON 0203 384 2262 SEE our BUY RECOMMENDATION FOR INVESTOR INFORMATION Pavie, Ausone and the First Growths released their 2018 wines this week, remember Latour no longer participates in the en primeur […]

    Chateau Pavie 2018 released today – Vin-X  limited allocation at a market best price

    Chateau Pavie 2018: “Possibly the wine of the vintage” – 98 – 100 points, Jeb Dunnuck “Amazing, singular wine—it could only be Pavie” 97 – 100 points, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW, The Wine Advocate SEE VIN-X INVESTOR INFORMATION – CHATEAU PAVIE 2018 Pavie is one of the key Bordeaux 2018 wines for investors and in our view probably the most […]

    Bordeaux First Growths are poised to release their 2018s – are you ready?

    Bordeaux’s First Growths are poised to release their 2018 wines along with St Emilion’s Grand Cru Classe A estates and Pomerol’s iconic Petrus and Le Pin, meaning we are fast approaching the high point of this year’s en primeur campaign for fine wine investors. The super seconds, second wines of the top houses and other […]

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