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“I established Vin-X in 2010 as a result of my own positive experience of the fine wine market performance. We provide a specialist fine wine investment management service helping our clients to create rewarding portfolios in line with their goals and budgets. We provide access to the most sought after investment grade wines in the world, essential market information and extraordinary events. Vin-X is a founding member of the WIA and a market commentator in both trade and consumer press and media platforms. Our aim is to make safe, rewarding fine wine investment available to every investor.”

Safe Wine Investment For Private Clients, Companies And Charities

WIA LogoVin-X is the leading WIA approved fine wine investment UK specialist for private individuals and companies who wish to invest safely in this rewarding asset class. Our wine investment team has years of experience in the financial and fine wine markets and our expert analysis and bespoke service ensure that we develop investment strategies to create profitable fine wine portfolios for our clients.

Unlike a traditional merchant we are free of any major stockholding pressures and we can therefore offer a truly independent and bespoke service in line with our clients’ budgets and goals.


We focus solely on the finest investment-grade wines in the world with an active secondary market with the potential to deliver strong long term growth for our clients who hold in excess of £20million of investment-grade wine.


Because Vin-X systems and controls and client wines have been independently audited by leading audit firm, Mazars our clients have complete confidence that their fine wine investment is expertly managed by our team and securely stored and insured with an industry leading, Government-Bonded, wine storage facility.


Our analysis and portfolio management service has been developed specifically for investment in fine wine and Vin-X clients’ wine portfolios have out-performed market trend. Our wine investment service is similar to that of a stockbroker but focused on fine wine and we aim to make this rewarding asset class available to all investors.

Essential Information for Fine Wine Investors

Information is key to all investments and our clients receive free:

  • a comprehensive guide to wine investment
  • weekly newsletters reporting industry news and events
  • special fine wine market reports and information on factors which influence the market and specific wines


Our clients’ wines are securely stored and insured with the leading industry storage specialist, London City Bond, at their HM Revenue & Customs approved Vinotheque facility at Burton upon Trent. This arrangement ensures that the wines are correctly stored to protect the quality, provenance and value of the wine and the most advantageous tax treatment. Clients can visit the storage facility to view their wine by appointment and their wine is fully insured to replacement value. For more information please refer to our Storage Terms & Conditions.

Getting Started

Each Vin-X client has a dedicated portfolio manager who will undertake a review of their investment objectives and requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Experience in fine wine investment
  • Budget
  • Goals – investment purpose and wines of interest
  • Target time frame to exit / sell
  • Attitude to risk

We will explain the fine wine market and its opportunities and then develop an investment strategy with our client to create a robust and profitable wine portfolio over time.


“I decided some time ago that I had had enough of the ups and downs and general uncertainties of the Stock Market and such similar resting places for my limited capital. Instead I invested it in fine wines with Vin-X. The excellent results have more than justified that choice, as has the high level of knowledge of the fine wine market and the shrewd purchasing advice that I have received from my portfolio manager. I could not be better pleased. – Nick Galtress
“I have enjoyed my seven years investing in fine wine with Vin-X so far, whether purchased in bottle or en primeur, and the anticipation to see if the price growth is worth more than originally anticipated. The Vin-X team is very efficient and, headed by my Portfolio Manager Jamie, has consistently come up with good results for me. Well done keep up the good work.” – Ian Harris

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