All focus on the Italian Effect

Trade share on Liv-ex, excluding Bordeaux this month has seen Italy match Burgundy in value. June of course was largely about the Bordeaux 2020 en primeurs campaign, now drawing to a close. Bordeaux accounted for 48% of trade but outside of this, Burgundy and Italy took equal share.

Liv-ex Regional Trade Share (excluding Bordeaux) – June 2021

Region % Share by value
Burgundy 32%
Italy 32%
Champagne 12.9%
Rhone 9.3%
USA 8%
Germany 1.6%
Australia 1.4%
Spain 0.6%
Other 2.2%

Source:, 30th June 2021

 The Italian Premier League wines were the rising stars in 2020, four of which were ranked in the top ten most powerful fine wine brands last year and they have maintained their winning ways in 2021. Benefiting from the exemption from the US Tariffs since 2019, the market demand on both sides of the Atlantic for the Super Tuscans Sassicaia, Masseto, Ornellaia, Tignanello and Solaia and key Piedmont brands such as Giacomo Conterno and Gaja have remained strong. These wines are now important components of a diversified wine investment portfolio.

Two vintages of Sassicaia were in the top five most traded wines on Liv-ex in June 2021 – the 2017 (96 points, James Suckling) and 2018 (97 points, JS), along with relative newcomer to the broadening secondary market in top Italians, Soldera Case Basse Toscana 100% Sangiovese 2016. The remaining two of the top five share of value of Liv-ex trade were Burgundy superstar DRC, Romanée Conti 2006 and Champagne icon, Cristal 2012.Sassicaia Wine Bottles

In terms of where the demand was coming from in June, buyers from the USA have returned in force to the market since the suspension of the Tariffs in March. The confirmation by the EU and USA this month that this will be maintained for a five-year period has provided further stability to the market. That said Italian wines have benefited from an exemption from the 25% levy and demand is remaining strong.

Interestingly, German wines are seeing increased action in the secondary market, perhaps an emerging trend to watch and you never know there may be some benevolent buyers out there today. Back to Rome this weekend – Italian super star wines may be the perfect investment or celebratory toast to mark the occasion!

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