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Investment wine performance compared to gold in 2021

How is wine investment comparing with gold’s performance in 2021? The traditional ‘safe haven’ asset, the yellow metal is looking a little tarnished at the end of Q3 with a negative performance YTD compared to fine wine’s best year on record.

Investment wines shaping to deliver best performing year in 2021

Investment wines are experiencing a top performing year. Liv-ex’s September 2021 data shows us that fine wine prices are returning to the peak levels experienced in 2011 and that 2021 is shaping up to be the best performing year for investment wines.

Burgundy Investment Wines Bullish Run in 2021

Trade in Burgundy investment wines has exceeded total 2020 levels at the end of Q3 2021. The removal of tariffs that imposed an additional 25% margin for US buyers in March this year has further energised a market seeing strong growth since the start of the pandemic. Investment wines from the region are seeing rising prices in 2021 and are important additions to your wine portfolio.

Investing in Champagne adds sparkle to portfolios in 2021

Champagne has delivered solid returns to wine investors as its profile as an alternative asset has grown over recent years. The great Champagne houses have produced some of the top performing wines of 2021 adding sparkle to investment wine collections. Which wines could be getting your collection fizzing?

Knight Frank Wealth Report ranks Fine Wine as the top performing luxury asset in 2021

Knight Frank’s updated Wealth Report 2021 ranks fine wine as the top performing luxury asset with comparisons to classic cars, whisky, watches and more – find out how the passion assets have performed during the pandemic.

Vin-X Chairman revisits GB Bobsleigh at launch of 2022 Olympics sled

Former British Bobsleigh Chairman and Vin-X Founder, Peter Shakeshaft, revisited his past at the launch of Team GB’s sled for the 2022 Beijing Olympics with Greg Rutherford this week as he makes his quest for both summer and winter Olympic medals.

Should you hedge against rising interest rates with fine wine investment?

The Bank of England Governor has warned of “a growing case to raise interest rates”. Should you be looking at fine wine investment to protect capital as inflation forecasts grow to be in reach of 5% this year?

Fine wine labels – what do they tell you?

Fine wine labels don’t just tell you where your wine comes from and alcohol levels, they also add ‘Collector Appeal’ and value to investment wines. Find out what you should be looking for…

St Emilion Classification questioned as Angelus owner faces legal battle

The St Emilion Classification system could be said to be also ‘on trial’ as Chateau Angelus’ owner awaits the outcome of a legal battle which is adding to the shock-waves caused by the announcement earlier this year that Ausone and Cheval Blanc would withdraw from the 2022 ranking. How will this impact on the investment wines of the region?

Energy, Inflation, Supply Chains and Fine Wine

The headlines this month are doing nothing for consumer confidence. August’s record inflation level could see a rising trajectory this Autumn as increasing issues with supply chains hit home and now energy companies are going bust. Investors seeking growth and safe-havens look at fine wine’s continued stable growth…

Bordeaux Blue-chips match  S&P500 performance in August 2021

The blue-chip Bordeaux First Growths trend performance in August rose 2.7% (Liv-ex Fine Wine 50), stretching past the S&P500’s 2.5% growth in the month. With the FTSE 100 trailing at 1.5% rise and gold declining 0.5% in the same period, fine wine is showing its value to investors as an alternative asset.

Tax-efficient, fine wine maintains positive growth in August 2021

With Tory Tax Tactics grabbing the headlines, fine wine owners will be delighted with the Liv-ex 100’s sixteenth month of consecutive growth in August 2021. Fine wine’s strong, stable performance, combined with advantageous tax treatment, makes it an important option for investors.

An introduction to California’s Opus One

California’s investment wines are enjoying a golden era and now home to the second most expensive fine wines in the world after Burgundy. We look at one of the region’s iconic ‘cult wines’ – the product of a marriage between Bordeaux aristocracy and New World talent – Opus One.

Fine Wine Valuation – Everything you need to know

Every investor wants to understand the value of their investment wines and what factors influence price performance. The fine wine market has evolved significantly over the last two decades with greater efficiency, transparency and access to key information upon which investment wines can be valued. We look at the key factors that influence the value of fine wine today.

Harvest time approaches – what are the first indicators for vintage 2021

September and harvest has either commenced or is imminent. In a year where climate has dominated news headlines and political agendas, and has challenged so many, we look for early indicators on vintage 2021.

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