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Fine Wine Valuation – Everything you need to know

Every investor wants to understand the value of their investment wines, to be sure they are paying a fair price for fine wine and there are a number of factors that influence wine valuation.

Emerging trend sees trade growth in USA fine wines

Liv-ex, has reported that USA fine wines have more than doubled their share of trade value on the exchange compared to 2019.

Champagne continues to captivate collectors and investors

Whilst the broadest measure of the market, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 rose 0.09% in August following four months of gains, the Champagne 50 is currently the best performing regional sub-index.

Where are the new opportunities for growth in fine wine investment?

Following its third consecutive month of gains, the fine wine market continues its upward growth trend with July seeing an increase of 0.54% on the Liv-ex 1000; but, where are we seeing the growth in this broadening market?

Which are the top performing Bordeaux brands over the last 12 months?

Whilst reports suggest Italy, Spain and the Rhone had the largest growth in wines traded on Liv-ex  this year so far – up 154%, 153% and 127% respectively from their January 2020 levels, Bordeaux remains the market leader.

Fine wine – the shape of things to come!

Will it be a ‘V’, a ‘U’, or more of a swoosh – like a ‘Nike tick’ – what form will the UK economic recovery take over the coming months or years? Currently the Holy Grail question!

Fine wine protects capital as UK dives into recession

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics on the morning of the 12th August 2020 make it official – the UK is in recession for the first time in 11 years.

A legend released: The anticipated Penfolds Grange 2016

On 6th August 2020, Penfolds saw to add another chapter to their 66-yearlong lineage of fine wines with the release of the much anticipated Penfolds Grange 2016.

Fine Wine Investment for Beginners

Investing in fine wine can be both enjoyable and very rewarding, providing the opportunity to explore, understand and own some of the finest luxury products in the world.

Record breaking $2M online Fine Wine sale for Auctioneer Christie’s

Christie’s announced that the sale of the renowned collector, Benjamin Ichinose’s wine raised a record US$2.3million, making this the most valuable digital sale since the launch of its online auctions.

Top Fine Wine investments track safe haven Gold’s performance in 2020

In times of economic uncertainty investors traditionally turn to safe havens with Gold the classic ‘go-to’, but it is important to note that Gold’s 14% 1H 2020 growth is matched by the top performing fine wines.

Fine wine investors could benefit from similar growth trend to post 2008 crash

The April 2020 economic data published this morning by the ONS, stating an unprecedented 20% contraction in the UK economy, slams home the impact of Covid-19 on our nation’s financial health. The full impact in terms of jobs and investments is yet to be realised and investors are looking at opportunities to bolster value and […]

Bordeaux 2019 En Primeurs pricing strategy up to 30% discount on 2018

If ever there was a time to invest in a safe haven, tangible investment it’s summer 2020! Bordeaux may well have identified this as a moment to add to the appeal with the top Chateaux issuing their 2019 vintage at discounts around 30% to 2018. This year’s release from Bordeaux may have started in a […]

Bordeaux 2019’s En Primeur campaign launches with Chateau Pontet-Canet

The Bordeaux 2019 vintage En Primeurs campaign has started without the usual foreplay in April when all the Chateaux normally open their doors for the world’s top wine critics, merchants and press to sample the latest vintage. Covid-19 threw the 2019 vintage campaign off-track and forced a new approach to a vintage launch. Tastings have […]

Chateau Latour 2012 – first release in 8 years an excellent First Growth investment wine

The release of Chateau Latour 2012 direct from the esteemed First Growth’s cellar is a historic moment – the first opportunity for anyone to acquire Latour 2012, and the first new release in 8 years. To top this the Chateau has priced its 2012 vintage fairly offering growth potential for investors. Top tip – get […]