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Burgundy hitting bullish benchmarks in Spring 2021

Trade levels and price growth in Burgundy investment wines are at the highest level since the 2018 bull run – are wine investors positioning for another? Burgundy is currently recording trade levels not seen since the bull-run peaks of November 2018. Certainly, the US Tariff suspension has put additional energy into the market as North […]

James Suckling delivers first critical view on Bordeaux 2020s

The Bordeaux 2020 vintage in-barrel tastings have kicked off with James Suckling the first of the internationally renowned critics to publish tasting notes and scores. He has released his opinion on the first 200 wines tasted – get the first influential quality view on 2020

Fine wine market leaps into Spring 2021 with record trade levels and rising growth

Spring 2021 has seen the fine wine market enjoy record levels of trade with strong sector growth and individual price performances. Liv-ex has published its March data to trade members, with all of its indices recording rising trend and a significant leap in levels up from February …

Bordeaux 2018 In-Bottle critics’ scores revealed – which En Primeur purchases delivered top returns?

The international critics have published their Bordeaux 2018 In-Bottle scores – find out which wines have been rated the highest quality where en primeur investors have already made significant gains

Fine Wine investment performance and top wines for growth Q1 2021

Fine wine investments have continued growing at a pace in the first quarter of 2021. Liv-ex reports increasing volume and value traded on the exchange with March recording the broadest month of trade with transactions in 1,250 distinct wines. Of these 130 are newcomers to the secondary market. We look at the top performers in the last year…

Burgundy investments back on the rise as Biden re-opens the door to US buyers

Burgundy was put back on the shopping list this March for US buyers and fine wine investors with Joe Biden’s suspension of the US Tariffs on the 5th March. Merchants and Liv-ex report an immediate impact on trade in March 2021 with increased demand especially for the big brand Bordeaux and Burgundy investment wines. Find out more…

Bordeaux En Primeurs 2020 – will you be investing?

The Bordeaux 2020 vintage en primeur tastings are just a month away – it’s time to be considering whether you will be adding the region’s new arrivals to your collection. The 2019 vintage was released to the market at discounts around 30% for some of the top wines, creating the most exciting en primeur campaign for investors in the last decade. Will 2020 offer similar opportunities?

Fine wine market continues to deliver strong returns to investors in Q1 2021

The fine wine market has had a robust start to 2021 with all of the Liv-ex Fine Wine indices in positive territory and the growth trends established in 2020 sustained in Q1 to date. We look at the latest performance data and top performing wines and regions for wine investors in Q1 2021…

US Tariffs Suspension sees an immediate demand for fine wine

The US Tariffs is now being addressed by President Biden. In a joint statement on the 5th March 2021, the EU and USA agreed to a mutual suspension of the EU & US Large Civil Aircraft WTO Dispute, with a four-month period to work to resolve the long running dispute announced resulting in an immediate surge in US buyers…

Does the Chancellor’s ‘Covid budget’ affect wine investors?

There was intense speculation about Rishi Sunak’s ‘Covid’ Budget, and it was no surprise that the Budget laid out plans for further support for the economy, but were there any tax changes affecting fine wine investors? Our initial view…

Knight Frank Wealth Report 2021 appraises luxury asset performance during Covid-19 era

The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2021 provides its annual appraisal of the investing interests of Ultra High Net Worth Investors (UHNWIs) worldwide in luxury assets with the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out which are the top performing collectibles

Fine Wine Collecting compared to Investing

What is the difference between collecting fine wine compared to investing in it? Arguably it might be as simple as the heart making the decision to purchase rather than the head. Collection may be driven more by passion where investment be based on performance, trends, influencing factors and attitude to risk. Are you a ‘canny collector’ or ‘passionate investor’ ?

Curious about fine wine investment? Download our 2021 Investor Guide

Here at Vin-X, we aim to safely guide you to understand the true potential of fine wine investment to help you achieve your financial goals. Download our 2021 guide today.

Champagne still Bubbling for Investors Q1 2021 as Super Tuscans keep delivering

Bucking the usual trend, the volume of trade on Liv-ex for Champagne has remained robust during Q1 and with Italy’s top wines are important additions to wine collections…

Fine Wine ‘Italian Job’ led by Sassicaia in Q1 2021

Liv-ex labelled its 2020 Power 100 Report; ‘The Italian Job’ with four of Italy’s leading wine estates ranked in the top ten most powerful fine wine brands of 2020. Find out which wines from the region you should add to your collection in 2021