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Looking to join the wine bull run and which fine wine regions offer growth in 2022?

2021 was a rampaging bull of a year for wine investors with the secondary market experiencing record growth. The average price performance trend of the most traded investment wines was 23% and the high-flyers saw values increase by up to 80%. So where should wine investors look for the best returns in 2022?

Investors protect cash with fine wine growth as inflation hits 30-year high

Investors are seeking havens for savings as inflation recorded a 30-year high of 5.4% in the 12 months to December 2021. With forecasts suggesting the CPI benchmark could rise to 7% by April savings are at risk. Wine investments recorded average growth of 23% last year and offer investors a tax-efficient option to protect capital.

Reuters reports that wine investment outperforms Bitcoin as top performing assets in 2021

Reuters reported that the top performing investment wine delivered 80% growth in 2021, outperforming Bitcoin’s 70% and major tech shares. Investors are including fine wine and other tangible assets in their financial plans for 2022 to enjoy growth and to protect capital, tax efficiently.

Will investment wines continue to reward investors in 2022?

2021 was the top performing year on record for investment wines with some seeing growth of over 60% in one year. Will we see the trend continue in 2022?

Which are the top performing investment wines in 2021?

What a year! 2021 has seen some of the largest ever gains for investment wines. The market trend is up 20% and individual top performers have seen a staggering growth of up  to 80% – a performance investors simply cannot ignore! Discover the ten investment wines delivering the most growth in 2021.

A Nightmare before Christmas! Take comfort from fine wine

A ‘medicinal glass’ maybe needed following a ‘night-marish’ week before Christmas with a series of economic and political events that have had the usual media commentators in overdrive. Despite these challenges, fine wine is delivering Festive Cheer to investors… find out more

Wine Investments provide a booster jab for investors in December 2021

Wine investments are experiencing record growth in 2021 and, as equities face another Covid challenge with the emergence of Omicron, the latest performance data shows the benefits wine investors are enjoying. With Q1 2022 primed to be a tough one, investors are looking at the buoyant growth in the fine wine market to protect capital in the New Year. We look at the latest performance data …

Fine wine outperforms property and financial markets in 2021

The latest House Price data from the ONS shows that the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty exemption stimulated over 10% growth in average house prices for the year to 31st September 2021. How does wine investment performance compare over the same period and what are the predictions for 2022?

Which are the most powerful wine investment brands in 2021?

Which have been the most powerful wine investment brands in 2021, during the most economically challenging and uncertain period for investors in the last decade? We look at which investment wine brands have shaped the market and delivered the strongest growth during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Champagne overtakes Burgundy as Top Performing Investment Wine Region

Effervescent, bubbling, sparkling, frothy Champagne overtook ‘serious’ blue-chip Burgundy in October 2021 as the top performing region for investment wines. In a record year for the fine wine market, Champagne is leading the way and wine investors have a lot to celebrate.

Wine investments delivering record growth as 4% inflation erodes savings

Inflation has risen to the highest level in a decade as the Consumer Price Index data shows a 4.2% rise in the 12 months to 31st October 2021. As saving value is being eroded by unchecked inflation, investment wines are enjoying a record 19 % growth trend over the same period and are offering a ‘safe-haven’ for investors’ capital

Which top wine brand is seeing its investor appeal and returns grow in 2021?

In a buoyant market, which investment wine brands are demanding investor attention and seeing the strongest growth? Data from Liv-ex shows that Lafite Rothschild has been the power-house label so far in 2021. Blue-chip Bordeaux is leading market searches and trade, demonstrating its ‘liquid appeal’ to wine investors.

BoE interest rate decision impacts Sterling as wine investments hit record levels

The Bank of England’s decision on the 4th November to hold interest rates at the record low level of 0.1% triggered a 1.5% drop in Sterling and wrong-footed the City. With some outcomes including a rally in Government bonds, it looks like consumers have avoided the burden of an interest rate hike ahead of Christmas. For investors, no halt to rising inflation is likely to maintain the longest bull run in investment wine history.

Fine wine investment is enjoying a record bull run

Market data for October 2021 records the longest-ever bull run for fine wine investments. The 17th month of consecutive gains reflects the current strong investor confidence. The prices of investment wines have held an upward trajectory throughout the Covid-era to date, delivering strong returns to owners.

Investing in top Champagne is a cause for celebration!

Champagne wine investments are adding sparkling value to investors’ portfolios this year with the outstanding 2008 vintage driving some of this performance. We look at the latest top performers and trends and why owners are raising a celebratory glass of bubbly!

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