Bordeaux’s 2010 vintage recovers lost ground with some stellar growth

Peter ShakeshaftThe Bordeaux 2010 vintage is regarded as one of the region’s most important years. Having one of the highest vintage average scores and a number of 100 Parker point wines, it is a Prime Vintage year of particular note for investors.

The 2010 wines released en primeur in summer 2011 were sold at the height of the market for astonishing prices, with the average release price at 250 euros a bottle ex-negociant. When the market then subsequently fell away 2010 wines were, as a consequence, dramatic price losers in a way that did not recognise the quality of individual wines.

This extraordinary vintage, along with 2009, has been a sleeping giant, which has started to stir over the last 12 – 18 months and is now marginally ahead of the general market trend since release.

In terms of specific wines, performance is mixed, and this is where a specialist view is valuable, as although 2010 is considered a ‘portfolio banker’ you still need to pick the right stocks. Some wines were so highly priced on release, and Lafite Rothschild is the highest profile, released at 790 euros per bottle (£12,000 per 12 x 75cl ex-negociant), that the wine is still struggling to regain lost ground.

The table shows the best performers of the 2010 vintage as published by Liv-ex in November 2017:


Wine Score (WA) Release price Market price Change %
Le Pin 100 £18,000 £35,000 94.4
Pape Clement 100 £1,095 £1,780 62.6
Clerc Milon 93 £530 £775 46.2
Gazin (Pomerol) 96 £550 £780 41.8
Petit Mouton 93 £1,350 £1,900 40.7
Pontet Canet 100 £1,180 £1,635 38.6
Smith Haut Lafitte 98 £858 £1,175 36.9
Clos Fourtet 98 £840 £1,140 35.7
Vieux Chateau Certan 99 £2,100 £2,800 33.3
Beausejour Duffau 100 £2,100 £2,800 33.3

Source: 27th November 2017

Some of this staggering price growth, particularly in the case of 100 Parker point Le Pin, is down to rarity. With an average production of only 400 – 600 cases per annum, movement is likely to be magnified and 94% growth in Le Pin 2010 since release (£35,000 per 12 x 75cl) tops the performance table.

Three other 100-point wines are in the top ten with Pape Clement 2010 having risen 62.6% commanding more than £35,000 (12 x 75cl). Our tip of the month, featured in the Vin-X November report, Pape Clement 2009, the vintage with the  highest number of 100 Parker point wines, offers great value in comparison.