Brexit – a few hours on!

What a morning! Who would have thought it – the British public have sent shockwaves around the world – to what extent our benefit or loss from this decision will not be understood for some while! But in the short term we are already witnessing currency volatility with £:$ plummeting to lows not seen since the miners strike in 1985. FTSE was down 500 points, Mark Carney outlined on national television the risk strategy the Bank of England adopted ahead of today’s outcome being realised to try and calm the financial markets and head off any consumer panic. Lloyds bank has already communicated to its business customers this morning – ‘business as usual’ – despite a harrowing knock on share price.

Mark CarneyWhat does the average investor do? Ride the wave – not knowing whether it’s a ripple on a pond (unlikely) or the mother of all tsunamis? Being pro-active overnight will definitely have benefited some forex traders but in terms of what we can do right now – broadening an investment portfolio into more stable, alternative assets like fine wine could well help stem any negative outflow of value.

Gold has already spiked in price with investors seeking safe havens, but one of the key dynamics of the fine wine market represents an opportunity right now. It is a very stable, safe asset. It is not volatile and its price performance is not directly linked to financial markets. It is well understood as an alternative asset used by investors to hedge risk and now is the time to be including all these benefits in a portfolio. Right now the wine prices have not yet been impacted on – this window is closing – we are buying the best wines we can for our clients now and we see this as the best opportunity to protect Sterling and investment portfolio value.

Lafite RothschildBack vintages of some of the most highly prized wines in the world offer great value right now – this is the moment to add wine to your portfolio or increase your holding smartly. Call us now for more information on 0203 384 2262, register for our newsfeed offering market information, special reports on investing in fine wine; performance and tax treatment and essential detail for investors in fine wine at