Key investment wines have delivered double-digit growth in just one month throughout 2020 showing that some investors are achieving dynamic growth over a very short period. On trend fine wine has produced stable growth during 2020, when financial markets have been extremely volatile and companies and pensions have seen catastrophic impact on value. Liv-ex reports 2.6% growth across the year to the 30th September for the key Liv-ex 100 benchmark, compared to FTSE’s -21.6% nose-dive.

Fine wine is currently demonstrating its ability to de-risk a portfolio by hedging volatile markets and providing protection and stable growth during economic uncertainty. But some individual wines are delivering stella performance and values that have increased significantly and more dynamically over an incredibly short-term one month period. Some of Liv-ex’s top short-term market movers from across the year are listed below.

Wines delivering double-digit growth in 1 month during 2020: 

Region Wine Month /Price Month / Price Growth
Italy Solaia 2008 Feb. £1,641 Mar £1,850 12.7%
Italy Gaja, Barbaresco 2016 Feb  £1,242 Mar £1,380 11.1%
Italy Gaja, Sperss 2015 Feb £1,800 Mar £2,000 11.1%
Italy Gaja, Sperss 2006 Mar £1,620 Apr £1,890 16.7%
Italy Gaja, Sperss 2014 Apr £1,260 May £1,429 13.4%
Italy Gaja, Barbaresco 2015 Apr £1,124 May £1,270 13.0%
Italy Gaja, Sori San Lorenzo 2015 Apr £3,024 May £3,395 12.3%
Italy Gaja, Barbaresco 2013 Apr £1,053 May £3,395 12.1%
Bordeaux Gruaud Larose 2008 Apr £541 May £594 9.8%
Champagne Dom Perignon Rose 2006 May £1,903 Jun £2,126 11.7%
Champagne Pol Roger Winston Churchill 2002 May £ 1,575 Jun £1,738 10.3%
Champagne Louis Roederer, Cristal 2005 May £1,280 Jun £1,410 10.2%
USA Screaming Eagle, Cab Sauv 2012 Jun £27,600 Jul £30,400 10.1%
Italy Sassicaia 2007 Aug £1,800 Sep £2,125 18.1%
Italy Solaia 2011 Aug £1,608 Sep £1,806 12.3%
Champagne Taittinger, Comtes 2004 Aug £930 Sep £1,025 10.2%
Italy Solaia 2013 Aug ££1,753 Sep £1,929 10.1%

Source: Liv-ex Market Reports March to September 2020

Achieving short term growth like this is more akin to positive financial market performance so enjoying this in fine wine is a strong advantage, and outstanding in light of Coronavirus. In times of economic uncertainty stable growth is highly prized and fine wine has demonstrated this soundly over 2020, with a case study like no other, Covid-19 creating extreme unpredictability in global economies and unprecedented volatility in financial markets. 

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