Top Tips for Selecting Investment Wines

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Fine wine assets generally enjoy stable, long-term growth and can help you strengthen and diversify your overall investment portfolio. But, how do you know which fine wines to invest in and how do we at Vin-X pick our winning investment wines? As specialists in creating rewarding fine wine collections and portfolios, we share our top tips on growing wealth with wine.

What are our Vin-X top tips for wine investors?

If you’re looking to create a profitable fine wine investment portfolio, see our top tips for selecting the right investment wines for you and some key considerations you need to make: 

  • Make sure your portfolio is tailored to you. Before investing, it’s worth considering your attitude to risk,  your wine investment goals, the capital you would like to invest and your investment term. Specialists like Vin-X can then help you craft a fine wine portfolio to suit your needs. 
  • As with all investments, you need to understand the dynamics of the market. We recommend researching the fine wine market and understanding the key fundamentals. 
  • Plan a well-structured portfolio diversified by region, brand and vintage to optimise growth
  • Stay up-to-date with relevant analysis, news and price-sensitive information. We also recommend monitoring regional trends to identify emerging markets and opportunities for growth
  • Consider the storage and insurance of your investment wines. We recommended storing investment wines in bond for quality assurance, tax benefits and future value. 
  • Build in liquidity with blue-chip wines with an active secondary market, eg Bordeaux First Growths
  • Look into purchasing fine wine En Primeur – critical scores, release prices and brand historic performance are key
  • Take expert advice on when to sell to optimise returns
  • Be fraud aware – only work with a reputable merchant with a reported trading history like Vin-X

To find out more about which wines are offering growth potential now call our expert team on 0203 384 2262.

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