‘In the Pink’ Champagne delights fine wine investors

Rosé Champagnes are leading the current best performing sector of the fine wine market:

  • Champagne’s top performer YTD 2021 – Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2005 has grown 279% in price
  • Louis Roederer Cristal 2008 has increased 72.4% YTD
  • Liv-ex trade in Rosé Champagne has tripled the three-year average YTD 2021

Source: Liv-ex.com, 26 May 2021

 Liv-ex’s Champagne 50 is currently the top performing regional index, up 11.43% since April 2020. Despite the negative impact of Covid-19, the pandemic hasn’t dimmed the sparkle of the wines of 2021’s top performing region to date.

Champagne has consistently delivered value to investors over recent years and is an important option for diversifying a fine wine portfolio. This benefit can be further optimised by adding ‘pink’ into the mix. Some Rosé Champagnes have experienced triple digit growth in 2021 and trade by value on Liv-ex is now triple the three-year average.

Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2005 has seen a staggering 279% increase from the start of 2021. Over the five years to the 30th April Liv-ex’s regional index, the Champagne 50 has grown 58.62%, second only to the Burgundy 150 at 89.68%, both enjoying a significantly better performance than the FTSE 100 which saw a cumulative 12.2% growth and gold 40.7% over the same period.

Earlier this year we reported on the fizzing Champagne market in Q1, with the major movers in February on Liv-ex led by the region’s wines, four of which were Rosés, with leader, Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2012 seeing a 12.2% increase in price in just one month. Dom Perignon Rosés are also delivering a strong performance with their 2004 vintage growing 11.5% in the same period. Some of the key Champagnes have seen this growth maintained since then into May 2021 with no sign of a slow-down in fizz.

With summer round the corner and some of us already toasting National Wine Day this week with a bubbly Rosé, adding some pink sparkle to your investment wines collection could add a rosy tint to those sunglasses over the Bank Holiday!

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