Investment wine performance compared to gold in 2021

How is wine investment comparing with gold’s performance in 2021? The traditional ‘safe haven’ asset, the yellow metal is looking a little tarnished at the end of Q3 with a negative performance YTD compared to fine wine’s best year on record.

KEY PERFORMANCE HEADLINES – Gold v Fine wine investments 2021:

September 2021 – 4% +3.9%
Q3 2021 -2.3% +5%
YTD 2021 (30.09.21) -8.4% +14.3%
1 Year -7.8 +17.4%

Data source:, 30 September 2021

Historically, September is a good month for gold – not so this year. In a month where equities were destabilised with global supply chain issues and rising inflation, gold declined 4% and has not been the ‘go-to’ point of capital shelter. This performance topped off a Q3 deterioration of 2.3% continuing gold’s downward trajectory throughout 2021 to a YTD of -8.4% at the 30th September.

Normally, gold is seen to be deployed as a hedge to rising inflation. With global forecasts on the rise and UK experts predicting a potential uplift to nearly 5% by the end of the year, we’re not seeing the expected rally in gold prices. Gold’s poor performance in September may be partly explained by a strengthening dollar, certainly the golden gleam has been dampened in 2021.

In comparison, investment-grade wine is enjoying the best performing year on record. The key benchmark, Liv-ex 100 is up 17.4% in 1 year and has risen 5% in Q3, compared to gold’s 2.3% loss.

September 2021 was another strong month for the fine wine market, the leading regional performance for investment wines came from Burgundy, with Liv-ex’s Burgundy 150 index reporting a YTD growth of 18.08%.

Sparkling wine investments saw some of the top individual market movers and include Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2006, up 18.7%, and Dom Perignon 2008 rise 11.7% in September.

Investment wines have demonstrated their value as a ‘safe haven asset’ in the last year, maintaining stable growth, outperforming equities and gold in periods and also being ranked as the top performing luxury collectable, or passion asset.

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