As the oldest active wine producing appellation in Bordeaux, St-Emilion would seem to have history on its side, particularly as it was the first region to export wine to England at the request of King Edward in the 14th century. Indeed the Jurade of St-Emilion is the oldest wine society in Bordeaux and dates back to 1199. It is surprising, therefore, that their wines were not first classified until 1955. However, they are more modern than the Medoc in that they revise their classification every ten years.

Besides being the largest major appellation in Bordeaux, St-Emilion also boasts the major tourist attraction in its attractive hillside capital. Finally, it is the only region in Bordeaux where the Cabernet Franc grape, in conjunction with Merlot, predominates. The big four chateaux are Cheval Blanc, Ausone, Pavie and Angélus.

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