Sauternes is unique in many ways. It is the only appellation solely dedicated to white wine and it is the most expensive wine to produce in Bordeaux due to the intensive nature of its harvest and production. The pickers sometimes have to go through the vineyard in successive ‘tries’, as many as five times per vintage or more, to pick all the grapes at the optimum stage of development of the signature Botrytis. Other wise known as ‘noble rot’ the infestation of grapes by this sought after fungus produces particularly fine and concentrated sweet white wine. Grapes are hand selected to ensure the finest quality vintage production.

The wines of Sauternes were also ranked in the 1855 classification but it has long been agreed that Chateau d’Yquem was first among equals and it was accorded the singular status of being the only chateau in the top division as a Premier Cru Superieur (Great First Growth) in the whole of Bordeaux. Finally, Sauternes has the distinction that it can be drunk on release or will age beautifully for decades.

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