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With more than ten years of experience, we are a leading authority of fine wine investment and asset management, dedicated to assisting private individuals and businesses to create profitable, diversified portfolios for the future.

Our procurement strategy, expertise in the financial and fine wine markets, and analytically-based, investment advice has effectively resulted in our bespoke portfolios historically exceeding market trends. Part of our success is because we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of fine wine, and, because we are passionate about what we do, we’d like to share our latest insights with you.

Fine Wine Investment Guides

Our specialist reports and guides will explain all you need to know about fine wine investment, from developing your understanding and making your first enquiry, to keeping up-to-date with the latest industry news and optimising your portfolio. Download your free essential copies below.

Guide To Fine Wine

Guide to Fine Wine Investment

An introduction to understanding wine as an investment and how you can benefit from including it in your portfolio as part of your financial planning. 

Market Report March 2019

The Latest Fine Wine Market Report

Our latest report discusses the most up-to-date market news, sector performance, specialist industry analysis and essential investor information.


An Introduction to Burgundy

Regarded as one of the top performing wine regions in recent years, find out where the future growth potential lies in a broadening market.

Treasure Asset

Fine Wine compared with other Treasure Assets

Discover the benefits of fine wine and its performance measured against other assets such as fine art, classic cars, vintage watches, antiques and FTSE.

Tax Treatment

Tax Treatment of Fine Wine

The favourable tax treatment of fine wine is one of the many attractions of investing. Download the 2020 report written by an independent specialist.


Portfolio Diversification by Vintage

Find out which wines to acquire, how best to diversify your portfolio and when to exit to optimise return on investment.


Criteria for Profitable Wine Investment

Discover which critics influence the market, how performance affects price, and the impact of vineyard ownership and global economics.

Market Report March 2019

An introduction to Saint-Émilion

Find out more about one of Bordeaux’s largest wine-making appellations and the key châteaux for investors.

Essential Tips for Wine Investors

Essential Tips for Wine Investors

Our tips will talk you through the secondary market, what you need to know about wine rating, and which factors determine the best profit opportunities.

WSET Alumni

WSET Report: The Fine Wine Market: Past, Present and Future

Discover the insights into fine wine investment with independent commentary provided by Sarah Phillips DipWSET.


Fine Wine Market Reports

Our specialist market reports have been crafted by our Vin-X Fine Wine Experts and Analysts to provide a detailed insight into the current performance of the marketplace, whilst comparing against other investments and equities, such as gold and financial markets. We have also included further analysis on the latest events, economic and geopolitical news, plus our Vin-X buyer recommendations.

Click on the relevant links for our latest reports and to review previous information please see our Market Report Archive.

Market Report March 2019

March 2019

Download report.

Market Report Feb 2019

February 2019

Download report.

Market Report Oct 2018

October 2018

Download report.

Market Report Sept 2018

September 2018

Download report.

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Understand the factors delivering Fine Wine Market confidence in 2020

Fine wine is withstanding unparalleled challenges in 2020 and despite this market confidence has grown as trade maintains robust growth whilst global economies have shrunk and financial markets become increasingly volatile. We look at the factors driving growing market confidence and strong performance trends

Suckling’s ‘Perfect Wines’ could lift spirits this Lockdown Christmas

“It’s been a tough year for all of us and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. But a glass of terrific quality wine certainly helps us through…” James Suckling, one of the world’s most influential wine critics, has released his annual ranking of Top 100 Wines of the Year.

Liv-ex reported record levels of trade, supporting continued strong growth

Liv-ex reported the highest levels of trade by value in a single month on the exchange since July 2011, in October 2020, and the trend continues to rise in November. In the week to Friday 13th, the fine wine exchange recorded its all-time highest exposure offering great opportunities for fine wine investors