Criteria for Profitable Wine Investment

The Vin-X investment strategy has resulted in the aggregate Vin-X client portfolio outperforming the market trend to date. Unlike a merchant, we are not required to acquire secondary stocks to access the most desirable wines. This allows us to select only those wines we believe offer the best value for our clients. The excellent relationships Vin-X enjoys within the market also ensures that our clients have access to some of the most outstanding opportunities.

In this guide, our Vin-X Fine Wine Experts and Analysts discuss the key factors and criteria that influence a successful and profitable fine wine investment portfolio such as brand, ownership, vintage, and political and economic factors.

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    Expand your investment knowledge

    Previously thought of as a somewhat exclusive asset that attracted only wine connoisseurs, fine wine investment is now an accessible and very popular option to those looking to diversify their portfolios for a profitable future. Our team of Fine Wine Experts and Analysts have developed an essential archive of specialist guides to assist you in understanding the finer details of fine wine investment. Click here to view our Markets Reports and Guides, or speak to a Vin-X Expert today on +44 (0) 203 384 2262

    Guide To Fine Wine

    Guide to Fine Wine Investment

    Download our guide to fine wine investment for a comprehensive introduction to understanding wine as a tangible investment asset and how you can benefit from including it in your portfolio as part of your financial planning.

    Market Report March 2019

    Q1 2021 Fine Wine Market Report

    Our latest report provides a detailed insight into the most up-to-date market news, sector performance and specialist industry analysis. We have also included further analysis on the latest events, economic and geopolitical news, plus our Vin-X buyer recommendations.


    An Introduction to Burgundy

    Burgundy has been the top performing wine region in recent years and, given the extremely high values involved, investors need to know where the future growth potential lies in a broadening market.

    Tax Treatment

    Tax Treatment of Fine Wine

    The favourable tax treatment of fine wine is one of the many attractions of investing in this tangible asset, however, there are a number of considerations that must be taken into account. Download the 2021/22 report prepared by an independent expert. 

    Why invest with Vin-X?

    • Our returns have consistently outperformed market trends
    • Portfolio management, tailored to you by your dedicated Fine Wine Expert
    • We operate market-leading practices designed to protect you and your investment
    • We take care of your wine in specialist, fully-insured storage
    • We go the extra mile to give you the very best wine experiences with our Vin-X Events team. Join us at our club events, wine tastings and even chateaux visits.

    What are the benefits of investing in fine wine?

    • Fine wine is deemed as a tax-efficient form of investment and is generally exempt from Capital Gains Tax 
    • Investment in fine wine has historically achieved annual compound reserves of up to 10%.
    • Fine wine’s stable performance doesn’t mirror volatile financial markets
    • Fine wine offers a means to diversify investment portfolios across assets and economic cycles.

    How to get started in fine wine investment

    • Develop your understanding of the fine wine market with the help of reports and guides
    • Decide on how much you would like to invest
    • Decide on your investment objectives and attitude to risk
    • Contact a Fine Wine Portfolio Manager and build your portfolio together
    • Receive a tailored investment proposal from your dedicated Portfolio Manager