Is a fine wine investment a potential retirement ‘nest-egg’?

Are you considering your long-term future and a possible ‘nest-egg’ investment? A 59-year old bank manager has recently retired off the back of a 30 year-old whisky investment – can fine wine offer a similar return?

Having invested a total £4,700 on two casks of whisky (a Macallan single-malt – £3,200 and a Tobermory – £1,500) in 1994, Mr Roger Parfitt sold them recently for £225,000. He admits to having no prior experience in investing in whisky and saw the investment as a ‘bit of a gamble’ but hoped for some level of return over the long term. And he was not wrong! Imagine his delight when the recent sale of the two casks raised £225,000 and allowed him to pay off his mortgage and retire early.

Investing in a blue-chip whisky brand, Macallan, was the right move and Parfitt also benefited from the recent rise in rare whisky values. So over a similar period approaching 30 years – can fine wine offer comparative returns on investment?Grand Cru Domaine Wine

Rare Burgundy, Domaine de la Romanee Conti would be the obvious fine wine comparison and a case of Domaine de la Romanee Conti, Romanee Conti 1990’s release price in 1993 was £5,300 (12 x 75cl). The market value for that case today is £282,000 delivering a 5,220% return over the 28 year period, or for the more technical, an annualised return of 13.7%.

YES indeed fine wine can be that nest-egg investment tucked away – come on you young investors – put a case away for when you turn grey!

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