Italy and Champagne wines deliver top growth in January 2020

The top five performing wines on Liv-ex for the first month of 2020 are Super Tuscans and iconic Champagnes. The imposition of 25 per cent tariffs on all wines being imported into the US except for sparkling wines and Italian last Autumn has, not unsurprisingly, seen the highest gains in January 2020 being made in the leading wines in these categories. The impact of the US Tariffs couldn’t be more apparent than as revealed in Liv-ex’s ranking of the Top Five Risers on the exchange in January as can be seen in the table below.

Liv-ex’s Top 5 Risers January 2020:

Region Wine Vintage Dec  ‘19 Jan ‘20 % growth
Italy Sassicaia 2013 £1,475 £1,651 11.9%
Champagne Dom Perignon Rosé 2013 £1,559 £1,700 9%
Italy Masseto 2010 £5,450 £5,850 7.3%
Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal Rosé 2007 £3,480 £3,675 5.6%
Italy Ornellaia 2000 £1,450 £1,530 5.5%

Source: Liv-ex Market Report February 2020

Champagne’s performance in Q4 2019 was influenced by demand driven over the festive period and the region’s level of trade on Liv-ex reduced to a 3.5per cent share in the first month of the year, whilst Italy sustained a double digit performance at 11 per cent of all trade value on Liv-ex.

Key Italian and Champagne brands lead the way and three of the Super Tuscans saw strong demand in the month. This was a trend building late last year when Q4 2019 saw the top wines of Piedmont climbing at a faster pace than the Super Tuscans, with the exception of the lauded Sassicaia 2015. Since December 2017 the Liv-ex Piedmont index has made double digit growth and this can only be attributed to the quality of the wines.

Piedmont is often referred to as the ‘Burgundy of Italy’ as the wines are generally produced from a single grape variety from specialised vineyards in very small volumes. As a consequence, prices for the top Barolos and Barbarescos tend to be higher than the Super Tuscans, however both regions are considerably more affordable than the Grand Cru Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Regional ‘First Growth’ Average Market Price Growth 2017 – 2019

Region Av. Price 2017 Av. Price 2017 Change No. of wines
Burgundy (Red) £11,241 £16,039 43% 50
California £7,592 £9,463 25% 25
Italy (North) £3,283 £4,003 22% 20
Champagne £2,006 £2,451 22% 35
Australia £4,214 £4,666 11% 10
North Rhone £1,930 £2,127 10% 40


Piedmont’s wines average ‘First Growth price performance saw an uplift of 22 per cent over the last two years, trending on a par with the growth performance of Champagne and Californian top wines. The region is a relatively new market for investors and one we are looking at more closely right now and we will have more information for you soon.

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