Key fine wine investment benchmark matches S&P500 on anniversary

The key fine wine investment benchmark, the Liv-ex 100 is celebrating its 20-year anniversary and beats the S&P 500 over the period.

Liv-ex, the fine wine ‘stock exchange’ equivalent, is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of its key benchmark. The Liv-ex 100 provides an important barometer on fine wine investment performance, monitoring the prices of the top 100 most traded wines on the market. Over the period since inception, the Liv-ex 100 has out-performed the blue-chip S&P500 financial index.

The Liv-ex 100 was officially launched in December 2003, utilising pricing data from Liv-ex trade members which tracked back to 2001. The index now references 20 years of trading information, which reminds us how young the fine wine investment market is and the opportunity its increasing efficiency presents to investorsPetrus 1990 Wine Bottles

Utilised by fund managers and financial media organisations such as Bloomberg and Reuters, the Liv-ex 100 is a key asset indicator, which has previously been dominated by Bordeaux First Growth. More recently the Liv-ex measure has been broadened to include key wines from other regions. The broader Liv-ex 1000 provides a more detailed measure of the extent of the wider regional focus on investment wines.

Having enjoyed its 14th month of consecutive growth in July 2021, seeing a 2.7% rise in the month, over the 20 years to date it has risen 270% and out-performed the S&P500. This stellar performance despite three global financial crises, the fine wine market crash of 2010 – 2011 and Covid-19 shows the value of diversifying a portfolio with fine wine investments.

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