Parker rescore of Pavie and Angelus wines benefits Vin-X clients

Late last week Robert Parker continued his stated aim of producing more vertical and horizontal tastings by releasing new scores and tasting notes for Chateaux Pavie and Angelus.

This rescore included 12 vintages each of these wines, both recently upgraded in the St Emilion classification.  Angelus and Pavie have been real success stories for wine investors over recent years, comprehensively outperforming their index and showing real growth to investors, as well as having consistently high bid:offer ratios.  Angelus has been the better of the two with prices increasing on average 42% over the last three years for the last 10 vintages.

As you can see from the table below the rescore was substantially more favourable to Angelus than to Pavie (six positive rescores compared to one for Pavie)

This movement in scores has been overwhelmingly favourable to Vin-X clients, 113 units of client stock have seen upgrades, whereas only 13 units have seen downgrades.  Historically movements of score, particularly where a wine gains 100 points result in significant price appreciation, so keep an eye out for rises over the next couple of months, some of which could be substantial.  For instance Pavie 2005 (which already had 100 points) has an average list price of £3400, Pavie 2010 (which after upgrades now has 100 points) has a current average list price of just under £2600.