Chateaux Visits

The finest wine experiences, designed for your enjoyment

We believe that the best way to understand and appreciate the quality, tangible value and extraordinary appeal of fine wine, particularly wine acquired for investment purposes, is to visit the chateaux or vineyards where it is produced and to meet the owners and wine-makers.


Explore the world’s top wine estates

Our specialist Vin-X Events team creates exclusive itineraries and events, which provide you with the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most famous chateaux and wine estates. Visit the home of these great wines, and see where they are transformed from grape to luxury product. Witness the heritage, traditions, financial and emotional investment across generations, meet the owners and their wine-makers and then you will truly understand the value of your fine wine. 


Meet the owners and wine-makers

You may also like to join us at our wine-tasting events or dinners with chateaux owners and wine-makers.  We are always delighted to provide the opportunity  for our clients to meet some of the most influential people in the industry and learn more about fine wine. 


Recap on our previous wine-inspired experiences

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