Why drinking windows are so important for investment grade wine

The time-honoured definition of a fine wine is one that improves with age as it evolves in bottle inside a cellar or bonded warehouse. A recent article by a Master of Wine who specializes in Bordeaux pinpointed the need for wine drinkers to be more closely aware of their vintages with particular reference as to when wines are ready to drink but also as to variations between chateaux. For the fine wine investor this is particularly pertinent due to the principles of supply and demand. When a wine reaches its drinking window its demand increases whilst at the same time the supply is inevitably reduced and hence the price usually rises. The other interesting facet of the article is the distinction made between Left and Right Bank (Or Cabernet Sauvignon v Merlot) vintages. Given his comments and notes it would seem prudent to hold on to the 2000 and 2005 vintages for a while longer but consider for how much longer investors should hold 2001 and 2004. For more details click on article.